Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Registration as Candidate

Today I took the time to head down to the offices of the City Recorder at city hall and file as a candidate for the municipal council. My goal with this blog is to provide a neutral place for my opinions and comments about my candidacy.

If elected, I would also like to make this a place for continued commentary and dialog about city government, with an option for citizens to "talk back" to a representative who would like to stay in touch with the voters of this city.

Logan, Utah is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever visited or even lived in, and I have chosen to make it my home and the birthplace for all six of my children. At the same time, there are some real issues facing our community which I don't believe are being addressed properly, along with a growth of government services that seems to have reached nearly the point of absurdity. I hope to address these issues in specific blog comments at points in the future.

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-Whit said...

Hello! I am putting together a blog of candidates in Cache Valley - I'd love to add you, but the email address you posted for the city bounced back. You can check out the site here:

You can email me at whit dot k dot larson at gmail d com and I'll send you an invite. I'm going to send out press releases and fliers tomorrow in hopes of getting traffic to the site. :)