Thursday, August 11, 2011

Herald-Journal Meet the Candidates Night

I had the opportunity to participate in a "meet the candidate" discussion with the thirteen other candidates for this office. On the positive side, the number of voters involved is large enough that the Herald-Journal is willing to sponsor and report on this event, as is mentioned in the following article: Logan Council hopefuls state views at forum

It was an interesting experience, and there certainly were some nervous candidates as I sat there watching their reactions. The sad thing is that it was hard to tell who was the audience and who were the featured speakers as the current field of candidates is really quite large.

I expressed some opinions on what I felt were some major topics, of which I hope to address in a future blog post. I learned quite a bit about my opponents, in some ways based upon what they didn't say and in more subtle ways in terms of how they responded rather than what they actually said. I just hope that more voters of Logan actually got to see this, at least watch the video and perhaps at least read the article.

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